Monday, July 1, 2013

Making progress ...

I'm currently working on a commission of a sweet kitty named Molly.  Unfortunately, Molly has been under the weather so she isn't feeling too perky.  I spent some time with Molly and tried to get as many photos as I could and then presented the owner with a selection of choices for the portrait.

I started by glazing my canvas with a light pink background using acrylic paint.  The pink will shine through the final painting and give it a nice glow and a cohesiveness that is otherwise hard to achieve.

I then stretch rubber bands across the pain
ting to create a grid so that I can accurately transfer my reference photo to the canvas.  I use my tablet to display my reference photo which is incredibly handy since I can enlarge an area to get a closer look.

You may notice in t
he color photo of Molly (see below), there is a blank gray area above her head.  I added this space so that I could straighten out her ears and give a little breathing room at the top.

Whenever I work on a commission, I really take my time.  I will start rendering Molly's eyes and nose since they are the most critical elements.  Hopefully I'll have an update to share very soon!


Jerry Stocks said...

I love Mollie's Barn and the hint of using the rubber bands for the grid is great.

Cindy Williams said...

Im glad to see someone else who grids before they paint! You did a great job finishing the project :)