Monday, October 31, 2016

"Beach Dunes" - 8 x 7 inches - oil on board, framed
When I'm on Plum Island, this is one of my favorite views to paint.  I just love looking at these dunes.  I'm pretty enamored with their soft shapes and the way that the sand peeks out between the grasses and all the shrubs.  I can't say for sure but I don't think I'll ever get tired of them. 

I started with a Masonite board that I had painted red.  Painting on Masonite has a very different feel than painting on canvas.  Masonite is very hard and so the surface feels slippery while a cotton canvas has some bounce and also some tooth to grab the paint.  A completely different painting experience.

Recently, I was thinking about how my life is filled with art.  I'm either painting, sketching, or puttering in my workshop.  My walls are covered with my own art and art that I've collected over the years from friends and artists that I admire.  On weekends I may attend an art opening or visit a gallery or museum.  I read "how to" art books as well as artist biographies.  I can't imagine my life without art!  

"Beach Dunes" is an 8 x 7 inch oil on board painting and is available directly from me.  Click here for more information.  Additional photos are below.

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