Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Froot Loops" - 20 x 20 inches - oil on canvas

"Froot Loops" - 20 x 20 inches - oil on canvas

“Froot Loops” was inspired by a sketch done by my friend Pat.  Pat had illustrated the quote: “Be a Froot Loop in a bowl of Cheerios” and it stuck in my mind (and I loved her sketch).

To start, I bought an individual serving size box of Froot Loops (I couldn’t bring myself to buy an entire box!) and borrowed a plastic blue bowl and spoon from a friend to create the image I was looking for. 

As I created this painting, I learned a lot about Froot Loops.  They come in 6 colors: the three primaries (red, yellow and blue) and three secondaries: (purple, green and orange).  Who knew?

With a bright pink acrylic base coating my entire canvas, I painted the cereal first – all the red pieces (sprinkling them throughout the bowl, all the blues, etc.  I then moved on to the bowl and noted the subtle reflections on the inside.  I painted the background next and added the spoon and finally the milk.  I allowed the cereal colors to mix into the off-white “milk” paint as the cereal will discolor the milk.

This painting was so fun to paint.  I love the bright colors and the cheerful funky feeling…enjoy!

"Froot Loops" is a 20 x 20 inch oil on canvas painting with the sides painted black so framing is optional.  It is available directly from me.  Click here for more information.  Additional photos are below.

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