Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy B-Day" - 6x6 inches - oil on canvas

"Happy B-Day" - 6x6 inches - oil on canvas

I usually don't go for too long without painting either a cupcake or a donut.  This particular cupcake was piled high with pink frosting so I decided to add a candle and turn it into a mini birthday celebration.

I started this painting with a bright green acrylic wash over my entire canvas.  In the end, I pretty much covered the green but you can see a bit of it peeking through in the candle, in the tabletop, and also in my signature.  (To sign most of my paintings, I use a rubber tip to scrape away the paint.  This only works if the paint is still wet enough so I always try to remember to sign my paintings right away).  

I tried hard to stay loose and not get too caught up in the folds of the paper in the base.  I was pleased with how the candle turned out and purposely picked a dark background so that the bright flame had a strong contrast to help it stand out.

"Happy B-Day" is a 6 inch square painting.  This painting is framed in a wood floating frame (see photo below).  You can buy it directly from me by clicking the Buy Now button below or, from Whiffle Tree Candle Co. in Billerica, MA.

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