Sunday, May 8, 2016

Button Down - 20 x 20 inches - oil on canvas

"Button Down" - 20x20 inches - oil on canvas
Some paintings flow and are nearly effortless.  This painting was not one of them!   The shirt was not the problem as that came together quite easily.  The paint flowed and I was happy with how it turned out in my first attempt.  

My problem was the background.  In my first version, I included some details of the door and I found it to be too distracting.  Second version eliminated the details but I painted it with some texture which was again, distracting.  With the third version, I went with a very light color.  I wasn't happy.  Fourth version was a dark background.  Again, not happy.  I finally found a middle ground with the fifth rendition!  A medium value with compatible colors and just enough texture to make the background interesting.  I'm really happy with the final version and am very glad that I kept at it until I was satisfied!

"Button Down" is a 20x20 oil on canvas painting with a wood floating frame (see photos below).  This painting is available at Artists Corner and Gallery in West Acton, MA, or, you can buy it directly from me by clicking the Buy Now button below.

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