Friday, August 16, 2013

Lamborghini commission - finished!

"Lambo" - 12 x 12 inches - oil on canvas
I'm pleased to report that I finished the commission of the Lamborghini and it shipped off earlier this week.

There were a number of challenges with this painting.  First off, my reference photo (see far below) was decent but the car was fairly dark so I had trouble seeing the details.  Some things you just can't fake, and it is very hard to paint something if you don't understand what it looks like.  I was fortunate to find 2 reference photos that helped me understand what the car actually looked like:

car detail reference photos

Regarding the background, with discussions and approval from my collector, I eliminated the sign on the left side, modified the distant hills a bit to give a more balanced composition, and added a bit of interest to the sky.  I purposely faded the yellow and white traffic lines as I wanted the car to be the most prominent item on the canvas. 
original reference photo


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Laurie this turned out wonderful. I'm sure the owner is thrilled ! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to report that we presented the Lambo commission to the "birthday boy" over the weekend. He was so excited to receive this very special gift which is a reminder of a wonderful trip we enjoyed in June 2011. The photo was in AZ on our way to Sedona from Scottsdale. It was chosen because the red rock connotes the very specific and unmistakable landscape. The car needs no explanation. It's a memory we cherish. I printed the reference photo and included it, along with a personal inscription on the frame (in back). His wife was also very pleased. Thanks Laurie for another fantastic piece! I'm excited about the next commission already in the works!