Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Pickle Jar" - 8 x 8 inches - oil on canvas

"Pickle Jar" - 8 x 8 inches - oil on canvas, framed
I love painting pickles!  The variety of soft, muted greens...capturing the surface of the pickle juice ...the reflections on the glass jar....all good fun.

I love the color scheme in this painting - the pinks and oranges in contrast to the greens.  Makes me smile.  That's what I hope when someone buys my work that it will bring them joy every time they look at it.

"Pickle Jar" is an 8 inch square painting.  This painting is framed (see photo below).  You can buy it directly from me by clicking the Buy Now button below or, from Artists Corner and Gallery in West Acton, MA.

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