Monday, April 18, 2016

Kiss Me! - 4 x 4 inches - oil on canvas (plus some stained glass fun)

"Kiss Me!"  - 4 x 4 inches - oil on canvas

My Hershey Kiss phase continues.  I love painting the foil wrapper.  I start with fairly dark colors, then add my medium tones, and, finally, the foil starts to come alive as I add the bright highlights.  It seems like magic!  

This painting is framed in a simple floating frame (see additional photo below) and the painting is available at Periwinkle Glassworks in West Acton, MA, or directly from me by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Speaking of Periwinkle Glassworks, I spent a fun Friday evening with a group of friends making another stained glass piece.  I've started to incorporate sea glass that I've collected into these small collages.  Below is a photo of my latest much fun to do and I love looking at it hanging in my window!

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