Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marina - 5 x 7 inches - oil on paper - SOLD

"Marina" - 5 x 7 inches - oil on paper
I'm pretty proud of this painting.  I sat in my car looking at this jumble of boats and was thinking that this is impossible to paint.  I certainly didn't want to paint each individual boat and was kind of overwhelmed by the subject in front of me.  One painting trick is to squint at a scene.  When you squint, you lose the details and can see large masses of shapes and color more easily.

For the boats, I started with an area of white dabs that was the approximate shape of the entire mass.  I then when back with various shades of color and tried to carve out the suggestion of boat shapes.  When I added the vertical lines for the masts, it all came together.  Overall, a very successful painting of a daunting subject! 

"Marina" is a 5 x 7 inch oil on paper painting and comes in a white, 8 x 10 mat.  SOLD


Unknown said...

Hi Laurie, I've enjoyed seeing your Plum scenes. It is my favorite place also. I am not as brave as you - so far I paint from photos. Maybe it's the green-head flies that keep me from plein aire!

Susan Garriques said...

You did a great job with the boats!!! Congratulations. Just recently I was traveling along the coast of Maine and saw lots of beautiful harbor scenes. The thought of trying to paint all those boats would have scared me off! Way too many details. Good job!!

Jacklyn Karabaich said...

Simplifying a object or a scene is so difficult, You did a great job!
Congrats on your Sold!