Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Westford Museum" - 12 x 12 inches - oil on canvas - SOLD

Westford Museum - 12 x 12 inches - oil on canvas

Right now I’m in the groove of painting Westford landmarks and am enjoying every minute of it.  Westford is a great town and I feel fortunate to live here.  I thought about painting the Westford Museum for a while, had photographed it from various angles and at different times of the year, but nothing really grabbed me.  A few weeks ago when I saw the antique sled out front, I knew this would add a spark of interest to the scene.  I just love how the little bits of red flow throughout the painting from the cupola to the chimney, to the ribbon and finally to the front door.

Westford is hosting their first annual Winter FunFest and a snow sculpture contest is part of the festivities.  Below is a photo of  Art on Main' s entry for the contest.  (The sculpture is on the lawn directly across from Art on Main so be sure to drive by if you live in the area).  I created the sculpture with two of my artist partners, Mary Jane Brunelle and Sue Haley.  I haven't "played" in the snow for quite some time and thoroughly enjoyed romping around in it for a total of 3 afternoons to create our masterpiece.  Westford Winter Funfest is exactly the type of event that makes Westford such a great place to live.

Westford Winter Fun Fest Snow Sculpture

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PainterWoman said...

My daughter lives in Westford and I hope to moving up in your direction sometime in 2012. I have a photo of a "pink house" in Westford ( that I'm planning to paing for her (if I don't paint a painting of HER house... Any chance that you know of the address?
I love your work! Will definitely get to ART ON MAIN next trip... I think I was looking for it at a time it was closed, the last time I was there. Painter Woman aka Dana