Sunday, July 10, 2016

"The Dark Side" - 4 x 4 inches - oil on canvas

"The Dark Side" - 4 x 4 inches - oil on canvas
My "Hershey Kiss" phase continues with a dark chocolate kiss.  I wanted the challenge of a colored wrapper (even though you only see an occasional peek of the outside of the purple wrapper).  When working with my sweet subject, I open the wrapper and crinkle it around until I'm happy with the resulting shape for my composition.  I will sometimes spend more time designing my composition than actually executing the painting.  From experience I know that a bad composition can never be overcome by technically well executed brush strokes.  More photos of "The Dark Side" and purchase info is below.

In other news, I taught a painting class to 4 girls from ages 8 to 14.  Since I recently painted an ice cream cone, I thought they might enjoy doing one as well.  We talked a lot about form, shadows, highlights and textures.  They each decided which flavor ice cream to paint and I think they turned out super cute. 

"The Dark Side" is framed in a wood floater frame (see photos below) and can either be purchased at The Whiffle Tree in Billerica, MA, or, directly from me by clicking here.

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