Friday, December 19, 2014

"Halcyon Days" - 12 x 12 inches - sea glass collage - SOLD

"Halcyon Days" - 12 x 12 inches framed - sea glass collage
Back to another sea glass collage but before I talk about it, I just want to say happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015! 

"Halcyon Days" was created using sea glass that I collected from beaches in New England.  I have not altered the glass in any way -- they are exactly as I found them - tumbled smooth by the ocean over many years.

This collage is one of a kind and can never be duplicated as each piece of glass has a unique shape, size, and color.  This collage contains 78 pieces of sea glass.

The frame is 12 x 12 inches.  More photos are below.

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