Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Sea Spray" - sea glass collage - SOLD

"Sea Spray" - 7 x 9 inches - sea glass collage - SOLD
Ever since a trip to France about 10 years ago, I've been fascinated with collecting sea glass.  I spent an afternoon on a Mediterranean beach finding a couple handfuls of smooth, tumbled sea glass in a range of pastel colors.  I was in awe and couldn't stop!  When I got home, I put together an abstract collage that hangs on my wall and it is one of my treasured souvenirs from that trip.

This obsession with sea glass has ruined my ability to go to a beach and simply relax and enjoy the experience.  I'm always walking with eyes down looking for colored bits of tumbled glass.  So, over the years, I've garnered quite a collection and I'm always looking for creative things to do with it.

"Sea Spray" was created using sea glass that I collected -- mostly from beaches in New England.  I spent a long time arranging the pieces and trying to come up with a pleasing composition.  This piece is unique and can never be duplicated again. 

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