Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Unexpected Visit" - portrait in process

Last week, my daughter came home for a brief and unexpected visit.  Considering she currently lives in Alaska, this is a pretty big deal.  While I was cooking dinner, she sat on the kitchen floor, knitting, while we chatted it up.  I looked over at her and said, "Don't move!" and quickly grabbed my camera.  I thought this would make an excellent portrait.  Even better, Cooper, our dog, came over to see the fuss and I snapped a great shot of the two of them.  The painting is still in process but I thought I'd share my progress so far.

I started by painting my canvas with a thin wash of a pink acrylic paint.  I then used black art tape and red thread to make a grid on my canvas so that I could transfer my photo reference accurately.

After I refined my line drawing, I began to shade in the darker areas just to get a sense of the composition.  I'm still undecided on how to handle her scarf.  It is multicolored and I think it would be too distracting if I paint it as is.  Hmmm....

I started with the dark hair and my daughter's face since that is the most critical element of the painting.  


The next thing I tackled were her hands.  Hands are really hard to do!  Stay tuned as I hope to finish the portrait later this week.


Maria Bennett Hock said...

love seeing this process. So unlike the pink background also. can't wait to see more!

Linda Nickles said...

Laurie, this is amazing! I am intrigued by your process of using the black tape and red thread. I've used a grid before, but never thought of using the tape as you have shown here. How do you use the red thread? I can't wait to see the finished painting. Thank you so much for sharing.