Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Boston Road Rooftops" - 12 x 12 - Oil on canvas - SOLD

This is the view that welcomes me as I get off the highway and head up Boston Road to the center of Westford. Whenever I see the Museum's cupola, I know I'm almost home.

I had a request to show a painting in progress so I took some pictures along the way.

First, I put a light wash of Alizarin Crimson over the canvas but lift off the color to leave the sky area a very light pint color. I then sketch in my guidelines using a wash of Yellow Ochre. I transfer the image from my reference photo using a grid method - I had divided my canvas into nine squares and you can see my guidelines below.

I usually work from back to front so I started by filling in the sky area and the green tree on the right. I modify the cupola's shape as I get into more detail and study this area.

Next, I start working on the reddish tree on the left. I'm careful to leave some open areas so that the trees don't become solid masses of color. (I had a painting instructor that said the birds need space to fly through).

I wasn't happy with the dome shape of the green tree so I add more leaves on either side to modify the shape. I then start working on the cupola.

I continue to work forward as I paint in the house on the left and a large bush in the foreground. I also lay in the roof of the house on the right.

At this point, the house in the foreground is all that is left. Below is the finished painting once again. I've lightened the left center panel of the cupola as I realized it was too dark. I also changed the shape of the reddish tree on the left to make it more pleasing. I continue to make minor modifications to some shapes and values. Finally, when I'm happy, I paint in my signature and put down my brush. Sometimes, it is hard to know when you are finished!

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Marian Fortunati said...

It is always so interesting to see how people approach paintings. This one is so complicated... Well done!!!