Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Pond Brook" - 6 x 6 inches - oil on canvas

"Pond Brook" - 6 x 6 inches - oil on canvas
After a recent snowfall, I set out to a do a plein air painting of a barn on the O'Brien Farm property which is now protected property in Westford, MA.  I was excited to paint the barn but discovered that it was brown and not terribly exciting.  Right near the barn, I spotted this stream and loved how the shadows dipped and curled through the snow.  I was tempted to paint on location but the road was narrow, winding and ice covered so I didn't dare set up my easel for fear of getting hit.  So, I settled for taking some photos as I stood, precariously, on the side of the road. 

The photos sat in my camera for a few weeks but when it snowed again this past week, I was once again inspired to capture a snow scene.  As with most landscapes, I started with the sky and background trees and gradually worked my way to the foreground.  I painted the snow shadows before I filled in the sunlit snow.

The painting gods were with me as this painting flowed quite easily and without much fuss.  I made very few adjustments along the way and am really pleased with the outcome.

This painting is available for auction on ebay.  You can view it by clicking here.

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