Friday, January 31, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days - The Wrap Up

Well.  Here they are.  All 30 paintings in the order that I painted them.  The red dot means the painting has sold.  Click here to view them online.

The last time I did a 30 paintings challenge, I was completely burned out by the end of the month.  This time, interestingly enough, I feel energized and inspired!  I'm looking forward to starting some larger pieces.  As always, I learned something from each painting and continue to grow and sharpen my skills. 

With this challenge, I was much more prepared and organized which made the challenge much easier.  There is so much more to do than simply painting!  Each painting must be photographed, cropped, uploaded, etc.  Some day, my "team" will take care of all those details for me...ha!

Regarding the pricing, I kept these paintings  affordable at $30 during the month of January.  I will extend the pricing through Sunday February 2, and then will likely put any unsold paintings up for auction on either eBay or DailyPaintWorks.

I want to thank everyone who sent along encouraging comments along the way and to those who made purchases.  Painting is a very solitary activity and I'm so glad I have a way to share it with all of you.  Thank you!

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Regula Scheifele said...

They look wonderful all put together side by side!
It was a pleasure seing your new paintings every day!